I’ll pick you up at the train station of Mechelen and I’ll bring you back after the shoot.

When you are coming from Antwerp, DO NOT leave the train at  “Mechelen – Nekkerspoel“, but take the next stop “Mechelen“.

When you arrive at the train station of Mechelen, Downstairs, follow the platform numbers down (10 to 1) to the exit right in front of you.

Watch out: A cycle path crosses the footpath a few meters away when you leave the station building. Be extra careful, cyclists have priority!!

Outside, right in front of you, you’ll see café “Friends”, I’ll will be waiting somewhere on the right side of that café (mostly in front of the “ACOD building” ). (see picture)


Then try to find me and my car…

You find me and my car in the neighbourghood of the red rectangle 🙂
Look for this car, it’s mine …
Food on the table
Food on the table

Sometimes, (only for a whole day shoot) I serve you (us) a nice salad…

Let me know when you ‘ll arrive in Mechelen…

Phone: 0032 478959798

Don’t forget !!! Trains in Belgium are never on time, always late!!!

With the car it’s about 7 minutes to our studio:

Till then,