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Diederik Van Rompaey, born in Mechelen on Monday 27 August 1962. Retired but still far from being written off, passionate photographer.

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ROPA Distinction: PPSA (Proficiency)

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On the beach of Knokke

I work with:

Nikon camera, Carl Zeiss lenses, Elinchrom flash units, Gitzo tripod…

I mainly focus on model photography and work most of the time inside a studio. I always use a tripod and manual lenses, without auto-focus.

This slows down the pace a bit, but the goal is not to shoot as many photos as possible. It’s rather about taking a few photos and then perfecting them further. Not in Photoshop, but in the studio.

Therefore I spend quite some time giving guidelines to the model and discussing with her what could be improved to capture that one stunning image.

I love black and white, low key, special light effects and artistic nude. The dance and yoga postures of the models perfectly reveal the natural beauty of their bodies and shadows hide what I don’t want to show.

What I don’t do.

I don’t do sexual or pornographic photography; I prefer the pubic area in shade or out of sight.

That, in a nutshell, is my way of working.

Some References…

Cariad Celis on “Purpleport”

I had a wonderful shoot with Diederik during my recent tour through Belgium. It was our first time working together and I hope I get to work with this lovely professional again. From pre-comms to completion of shoot Diederik was brilliant, he is on time, friendly and incredibly easy to get along with and all the while creating beautiful images. I felt at ease to experiment with poses and tweak to perfection, it is wonderful to work with a creative individual who seeks the perfect shot but is open to ideas. Thank you so much for a great shoot and I look forward to seeing the images

Highly Recommended!

Riley Wade On “Purpleport”

I love working with photographers who aim for quality over quantity and Diederik is one of those people! He takes the time check the photo before moving to the next pose and discusses it with the model to see what could be changed to bring it up a level. And the results are amazing!! I started with poses which I have done before, and look nice, but with creative collaboration we were able to tweek them and the lighting to take them from nice to epic! I am so happy with the results and I haven’t even seen the edited versions yet!

Photography aside Diederik is a lovely, chatty person who is has a great sense of humor and an amazing energy. I really hope we get the chance to work together again, and 100% recommend him to any model.

Fanny Müller on “Purpleport”

We had more shootings and studio days with Diederik and I always loved them! He is very professional and also very nice. Always great to shoot and meet with him! I’m looking forward to our next shooting!

Denisa Strakova on “Purpleport”

Very talented, professional attitude and very lovely person. Such a great combination! Highly recommended. Thank you for all the photoshoots you organised for me! I wish you all the best. DS

Roswell Ivory on “Purpleport”

It was a pleasure to do my first shoot with Diederik! He’s a lovely person who shares my perfectionist streak which meant that not only did we capture some STUNNING images, we pushed each other to really make them the best we could shoot. I’m really looking forward to working together again when I return to Belgium. Recommended to all.

Lilith Etch on “Purpleport”

Thank you for the shoot Diederik, it was a pleasure to create stunning images together, and to really search for that perfect image

Ivan Cermakova on “Purpleport

Thank you for a lovely shoot Diederik! I enjoyed working with you and I really like the result!

Valentina on “Pupleport”

I had the absolute pleasure to work with Diederik on my Studio Day in Mechelen two days ago.

Diederik booked two hours, and was a gentleman right from the beginning. He is very clear on what he wants to achieve and he’s incredibly good at lighting. We worked slowly but efficiently, trying to shoot less but achieve the perfect shot.

I really loved working with him, and I hope to do so again in the future!

Thanks Diederik! Can’t wait to see the pictures!